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SOUL TRACKS: Martin Luther McCoy

First Listen: Martin Luther McCoy pays tribute to Kobe Bryant

The world got its first hint of just how awful the year 2020 would be on Jan. 26. That is the day that Kobe Bryant died. Had he lived, Bryant would have celebrated his 42nd birthday this month. I, like everyone else, was in shock when I heard Kobe Bryant had died. I didn’t want to believe it in part because my image of Bryant was of his feats of daring do on the basketball court.

The way that the world reacted to Bryant’s tragic death showed that the physical gifts that an athlete displays on the court can inspire people in all walks of life. We witnessed visual artists create all kind of art in the wake of Bryant’s passing. People wrote poetry and musicians penned songs, such as “Kobe Moon,” by San Francisco native and singer/songwriter Martin Luther McCoy.




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