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‘Stop That Traffic’ Tour to Livestream on Twitch Saturday, December 5, at 7 p.m.

In-Person Concert on Friday, December 4, to Comply With COVID Guidelines for Church Events

Vine Style Records and Outsiders Clothing Brand Event Raises Awareness About Boys Trapped in Human and Sex Trafficking

Phil the Voice, 1K Phew, Bizzle, Arize, A.I. the Anomaly, and Miles Minnick to Perform

100 Percent of Proceeds from Tour, Song and Merchandise to Benefit Project Rescue

For ‘Stop That Traffic’ Tickets and Other Info Visit HERE For Artist Photos Click HERE

(Los Angeles, CA - December 3, 2020) - This Friday, December 4, hip hop artists unite to raise awareness about boys caught in sex and human trafficking rings. The “Stop That Traffic” tour, featuring Phil the Voice, 1K Phew, Bizzle, Arize, A.I. the Anomaly, and Miles Minnick, kicks off at Victory Outreach located at 2875 Elba St., Ventura, CA 93003. Doors open at 6 p.m. and the VIP reception begins at 6:30 p.m. Admission is free with any donation. One hundred percent of the proceeds benefit Project Rescue.

The events will follow the COVID-19 Industry Guidance provided by the California Department of Public Health for places of worship and providers of religious services and cultural ceremonies. This will include posting signage at the venues and on social media reminding attendees to wear face masks and practice social distancing. Handwashing stations will be on site. Attendees will be screened for temperature and/or symptoms upon, arrival and masks will be made available if needed.

The second date on Saturday, December 5, will be livestreamed at 7 p.m. via Twitch at Seven in-person V.I.P. private concert tickets will be sold for this date to be filmed at Nations Church in Los Angeles, 8460 Tampa Ave., Northridge, CA 91324. The tour is produced in partnership with Phil the Voice and Outsiders Brand urban apparel company and lifestyle brand.

The “Stop The Traffic” Tour has three goals, Phil explains. “We want to first off, raise awareness,” he says. “Secondly, we want people to be able to recognize when people are trafficked. And third, we want to be able to report it. With that being said, Of course, the implication is that salvation is transpiring.”

Outsiders Brand Founder Vince Serrano IV explains that sex and human trafficking is a bigger problem in the U.S. than many people may realize. "Some people think this problem is only on the other side of the world, but there was a sex trafficking ring busted near my home recently and it’s become a reality to me now,” he says. “This situation is in our backyard. So I'm putting action to my prayers by doing my small part. If everybody does their small part we can all make a big difference."

While the tour will take on the serious social message of anti- human and sex trafficking, the tour stops will also deliver good energy. “These shows are going to be highly entertaining, high-quality sound, lights, everything,” Phil says. “These different artists represent a variety of ministries which are making a real impact in their respective communities already. We reached out to these other artists because first off, they are amazing artists, and ultimately there is always greater strength in numbers. I believe we will do far more to fight human trafficking and raise awareness together than we could separately."

Phil sheds light on the global crisis that results in more than 1,000 boys being trafficked everyday in the “Stop That Traffic” song and music video. The video depicts a young boy in a warehouse with his hands tied as Phil raps, “For that boy in the cold getting sold everyday now, broken and living in shame, him momma and daddy done sold him away … situation be tragic, red light, red light, better stop that traffic.”

The “Stop The Traffic” initiative was inspired by Phil’s wife Melanie, who recently traveled to Greece & Spain to help Project Rescue’s fight against human trafficking and other refugee issues. Hearing her stories prompted Phil to write “Stop That Traffic.”

“Human trafficking and sexual exploitation are often thought to be a female issue,” Phil says. “Yet the stats clearly show that men are a significant percentage of those affected.” The subject also resonated with Phil who is a survivor of child abuse. “Going through abuse myself, as a child, in the church at that, I kept it a secret until my 20s, out of fear of judgment,” he said. “Men tend to receive stigma and dismissal when they share their similar stories. According to a few academic journals I have read, this taboo and subsequent harsh treatment are intensified exponentially by men who have experienced human trafficking. As a result, their voices are not being widely heard. My song gives a voice to these boys.”

To purchase tickets for the “Stop That Traffic” tour, merchandise or music, visit HERE.

About Outsiders Brand:

Outsiders Brand is an urban apparel company and lifestyle brand that remains missional in all of its activities. It was founded by Vince Serrano who has collaborated in clothing and ministry efforts with such artists and record labels as: 1K Phew, Bizzle, Datin, The Rep, Reconcile, G.O.M., Reach Records, Kingdom Muzic, Vine Style Records, Rize and Shine Media, Infantry, The Tunnel Rats and many others. It’s their goal to live out a lifestyle of love and gospel mission. Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:

About Phil the Voice: Phil the Voice (F.K.A. THE VOICE) is a rap artist, music producer, label owner, and Senior Pastor from Los Angeles. He got his start in CHH with Scott Blackwell (of Nitro Praise fame) on N’Soul Records in the 90’s and has been heavily involved with urban music ministry ever since. Phil the Voice is also a radio producer and personality. He helped to host and produce the ground-breaking KING FM Radio Show alongside Reyna Day and the late D.J. Efechto on 99.5 KKLA. Phil has shared stages with the likes of KB, 1K Phew, Bizzle, KJ-52, Zauntee, Sho Baraka, Japhia Life, K-Drama, Urban D, Ruslan, Beleaf Melanin, Eshon Burgundy, T-Bone, DJ Morph, Pigeon John, Tunnel Rats, LA Symphony, Sup The Chemist, Gospel Gangsters and many more. He is a Los Angeles native, a husband of 18 years, father of two children, a church planter, urban missionary, an indie-film director/producer, and a seasoned international speaker. Phil the Voice currently serves as the President of Student Life at Nations Leadership Training Institute in Los Angeles, California. Phil the Voice also serves as the C.E.O. of Vine Style Ministries Inc. Vine Style Ministries is a government recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based out of Montclair, CA providing wrap-around services and fine arts training to at-risk youth, young adults and families. In 2011, Phil was announced as a Rapzilla Freshman with his album, #LOUDANDCLEAR, which initially showcased his production ability. His latest full-length album is entitled, One. The project is chuck-full of CHH vets such as Japhia Life, R-Swift, J’ekob Washington, Von Won, Young Josh and more. Phil has a passion to live and create in the spaces where art, communication, and Christian mission converge.

About Project Rescue Last year, Project Rescue ministered to over 50,000 women and children impacted by sexual slavery in 10 countries throughout Europe, central and southern Asia. Project Rescue partners work to bring the love of God to prostituted women and children at risk. Through aftercare homes, vocational training, after-school programs, night care shelters, HIV/Aids and medical clinics, small groups, weekly services for teaching and worship, and awareness and prevention programs women and children are being rescued and restored.

About 1K Phew 1K Phew is among a new breed of Atlanta artists taking the trap sensibility and elevating it to great effect. At just 23 years old, Phew’s rise from local rapper with swagger to compelling artist equipped with a message, has been refreshing to watch. He’s fun and engaging, no doubt, but he’s so much more, as evidenced by his mixtapes Sunday Night (2015) and Life (2016), Phew’s got plenty of swag and wisdom to impart. Tracks like “TGIF” and “Church Gone Wild,” his biggest release to date, show an artist who is vibrant and dynamic. His sing/rap flow has an infectious quality that is as catchy as it is alluring, and commercially viable as it is street-wise. “I’m just a young kid from Atlanta with something to say,” he confesses. “I’m not worried about being politically correct. I just want to give people the real. That’s where the 1K comes from, always keeping it 1,000 no matter what.” His new mixtape Never Too Late is sure to build on his recent momentum, with bangers like “Back Then” and “Load of Me,” an anthem for those not afraid to embrace their individuality. It’s no surprise that his sound—which Phew has dubbed “New CHUUCH”—is equally at home in the club or the church, and rappers like 1K Phew are proving that faith expressed with authenticity can be a welcome treat for listeners. “I just want to share my life through this music. My message is faith and hope.”

About Bizzle Houston-based rap artist Bizzle was originally known as “Playboy” before finding Christ in 2008. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Bizzle became very versatile mixing both Down South and West Coast influence with East Coast lyricism. His debut album Tough Love & Parables appeared in 2011, landed on the Billboard charts with tracks like "God Over Money" and "This Ain’t Love.” The Good Fight followed in 2013 with production handled by the Grammy-winning Drake collaborator Boi-1da. The album reached number two on the Billboard gospel chart, also peaking at number 11 on the rap chart. In 2014, he released Well Wishes and donated $45k to build water towers in Mozambique, Africa. A year later, Bizzle released Surrender, which featured production by Beanz N Kornbread, the Cratez, and Boi-1da. The set rose into the Top 10 on the Christian and Independent Albums charts, while landing at 13 on the rap list. Crowns and Crosses arrived in 2016 and broke into the Top Ten of the rap chart. 2018 saw the release of the trap-infused EP Light Work featuring hits "Way Up" and "Warriors," the Golden State anthem filmed NBA Superstar Stephen Curry. Bizzle ended 2018 with a 20 City “God Over Money Tour” that featured the label’s artists Datin, Jered Sanders, and Selah The Corner.

Instagram: Facebook: About A.I. the Anomaly Aitina Fareed Cooke "A.I.” was told at a young age that she would be a “failure to thrive” as a result of her biological mother's addiction to drugs. At 14 months old she and her siblings were placed in foster care. A.I. was just three years old when her mother died of a drug overdose. At six, A.I. was introduced to writing as a way of releasing any pain due to trauma. She was told by a counselor to express herself through words. A.I. embraced this art and began to create stories and poems which later developed into music. Despite the challenges of growing up without her biological mother and father, A.I. was blessed that her foster mother had a relationship with God and imparted that mindset to her. Although it didn’t resonate immediately, she found herself embracing scripture and desiring a closer walk with God. In her late teens she tried to fill the voids in her life with many of life's temporary fixes. However, she knew that there was only one remedy worth sticking with, someone who would never leave her nor forsake her… Christ. A.I. has been fully committed, passionate, and creating music to inspire change since 2007.

Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: About Arize Arize was born and raised in French Camp, CA. He grew up in a dysfunctional home and was a victim of bullying in elementary school. He was in desperate need of attention, and he found an artificial form of love in the streets where he had to prove himself daily just to be accepted. “There are two kinds of respect, the kind you have towards someone because of the goodness of a person and the kind you channel through when you fear a certain individual,” he says. “Unfortunately, the streets see kindness as a weakness, so I had no choice but to pump fear into people.” By his senior year, Arize was in trouble with the law, because of his violent history. “I still remember the day my history teacher pulled me to the side and asked me, What are you planning to do with your future? You are failing every class and if you don't make a change in your life, you will not graduate,” he recalls. “I walked away pretending like I didn't care but deep down inside I knew he was right.” Arize managed to graduate with many hours of after school programs and hard work. A year later, Arize was hired as a clerk for a gas station. His passion for music began in that cooler. What started out as joking around soon became a lifelong dream. Arize was determined to be successful in the music industry. He soon learned the ins and outs of producing, engineering, writing, marketing and graphics. He produces beats, raps, and is a videographer. He has worked with Sevin, Bizzle, Bryann Trejo Kingdom Music, 1K Phew, 1K Pson, and Nu Tone.

Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: About Miles Minnick San Francisco Bay Area native, Miles Minnick, is an astounding recording artist and actor. Sought after all over the West Coast, Miles fuses a modern sound with a message of faith and self-worth to inspire his listeners. Through movies like Still Standing to songs like "ItsBaad!," Miles is intentional about being an example of using your passions to make a difference. Miles writes, "I believe we are all put here for a purpose. I was just blessed to find mine at such a young age." With his recent buzz surrounding his latest singles, films and social media challenges, Miles is on track to become the next big thing coming out of California.

Media Contact:

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