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Michelle Obama, Meghan Markle, Harriet Tubman Among Women Profiled in 'You Are Phenomenal'

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Book by Dr. Angela Nicole Parker Out March 16

Book Includes Inspirational Affirmations, Quotes and Notes for Young Women Who Want to Change the World

“Motherhood So White” Author Nefertiti Austin Pens Foreword

(Los Angeles, CA - January 25, 2021) - What better way to encourage girls to celebrate their greatness than to inspire them with stories from other girls who became women who changed the world. Dr. Angela Nicole Parker, an author, trainer and consultant who educates youth around self-empowerment and healthy relationships, uplifts readers in her book “You Are Phenomenal” being released on Tuesday, March 16 via Amazon Books.

Former first lady Michelle Obama, painter Frida Kahlo, poet Maya Angelou, comedienne and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, activist Malala Yousafzai, senator Tammy Duckworth, author Iyanla Vanzant, entertainer Lizzo, actress and advocate Meghan Markle, and abolitionist Harriet Tubman are profiled in this compelling, self-help book that is also filled with quotes from other trailblazing women.

“It is so important that we empower our girls to love themselves and to be proud of the young ladies that they are becoming,” said Dr. Parker. “Too many times, our girls are made to feel less than because they cannot measure up to some unrealistic standard of beauty and success. ‘You are Phenomenal’ seeks to remind our girls that they have a village behind them, and while they will never be perfect, they will always be phenomenal.”

“Motherhood So White” Author Nefertiti Austin, who wrote the foreword, stresses the need for works like “You Are Phenomenal.” “[It] is an inspiring journal that I wish was available when I was a young teen,” she says.

Throughout the book, Dr. Parker provides affirming commentary, urging readers to thrive despite adversity. In chapter two, You Are Beautiful, Dr. Parker urges girls to ignore image pressures imposed on women. “Every generation of women has had an impossible standard,” she says, “but today’s young women live in an age of filters, Photoshop and plastic surgery, and the standard for what is beautiful is often impossible for many of you to meet.” She adds, “Never try and mold your physical appearance to make other people happy and just know that you were born beautiful and will always be beautiful, just the way you are.”

Each chapter is followed with a Reflections section where readers are prompted to describe how they identify with the themes covered. There are also exercises throughout the book that ask readers to list things that stress them out, who do you trust? and things that make someone a good friend and more.

“You Are Phenomenal” closes with Dr. Parker’s “Letter to My Little Sisters,” a note section for dreams and goals as well as a quote from Michelle Obama urging readers to “stay true to yourself.”

About Dr. Angela Nicole Parker

Dr. Angela Nicole Parker is a Los Angeles-based writer, journalist, trainer and consultant who has spent her career working towards empowering others. She specializes in designing youth educational programs which include running Phenom Girls, a non-profit that helps young girls find the phenomenal woman within and GeneratioNext, a news-magazine that gives inner city youth a voice and teaches them about communication and journalism.

She also facilitates workshops and conversations around self-empowerment, healthy relationships and domestic violence for youth and adults.

She is the author of several books and received her EDD in organizational leadership and development from USC.

Dr. Angela Nicole Parker (Photo Credit: Katrina Mitchell)

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