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Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Terrell Tilford pens a guest blog for Culture Hog about the opening of his gallery Band of Vices.

Tilford received his first piece of art when he was 16 years old and has been a curator for 19 years. Terrell reflects about opening his new Band of Vices, one of the newest Los Angeles galleries, on Saturday, May 12 featuring April Bey’s LA art show, Made in Space, a solo exhibition.

You know those saying those sayings, “Back to the field of dreams?’” and “If you build it they will come?” The affirmation really is in listening to the heartbeat of the universe. And when the universe says, “This is your spot. This is your gallery. Do what you need to do to bring them in,” you have to act. Even then there’s always still that doubt. So what you do is, you go and just do the best version of you. You try to represent the artists in an LA art show in the best way possible. You try to exhibit and showcase in Los Angeles galleries to the world in the best way possible, and you try and present everything in the best way possible. The truest thing ever mentioned is the response from the people, and the people came out to the Band of Vices Art Gallery opening night in droves.


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