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Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Move over Migos, there’s a new hip-hop trio in town. Signed to Rostrum Records, FREEWIFI is here to shake up the rap game — whether you like it or not.

Comprised of Daddy Dinero, J. Plaza and Tha Rift, the collective visits the city of Angels all the way from their home base in Minnesota. With standout records such as “Ego” and “Took Off,” it’s evident all three artists have something to bring to the table.

The versatility of three different styles and voices makes for a perfect combination as they lay down verses and hooks over hard-hitting beats. Fitting to the name, FREEWIFI’s main goal is to create music to connect with the people. It’s through this connection that all three were able to leave behind their basic lives and pursue their wildest dreams.

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