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Updated: Dec 2, 2020

ManKind Shows That It Is A Rap Collective Aiming To Be Different (Video)

Harlem, New York duo ManKind is a prime example of men that spit verses with a purpose. From the New Rap Order Collective, ManKind’s !LLumiN@te and SciryL thrive to project their art in a way that does not lack luster or meaning. While collaborating with over 50 artists since November of 2015, ManKind has released multiple projects, including 8-Bit Genesis produced by fellow Harlem native Charles Hamilton.

ManKind recently released their tenth project named Juneteenth (1820- 1920) (the prequel to their three-part Black History series project) to observe the day of freedom in American history. Although many African Americans shared the same pain and hardships in the South, this album is a remembrance of the controversial issues and experiences that were faced in the state of Texas during 1820-1920.

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